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With over 35 years of research and development, we have arguably the most efficient biogas design in the world.




These are large scale systems built according to energy demand need. They are best applicable for schools, farms, hotels, churches, markets, childrens homes and areas with high energy demand.



Standard model & Extra Large model

These are systems designed for household energy demands for daily use. They are installed in as few as 3 hours and starts producing gas in as little as 3-5 days, it runs on any biodegradable material with no need for a a cow or livestock.



Human Waste Management systems

The Bio-San-Gas toilet is a Bio-sanitation toilet system that provides a clean hygienic solution whilst producing biogas and a rich fertilizer bio-fertiliser. They are prefabricated and assembled on site in a few hours.


What comes out the biogas process is liquid filled with ready to absorb minerals/ nutrients for both plants and animals.
It can be used for top dressing/ folia application and also works as an extreme effective pest repellent.


In order to to effectively utilize all the biogas produced, we have developed other products such as biogas ovens, water heaters, biogas brooders and more.


As we grow, we are continuously innovating new methods and products that are better, more efficient and simpler to use.

Chicken Brooding – Domestic

An elevated enclosed brooding box containing the day old chicks traps the rising heat from a biogas fueled digester. The chicken droppings collects at the bottom of the raised brooding cage and it’s taken back to power the digester.

Chicken Brooding – Commercial

As opposed to heating the air in the brooder room using charcoal stoves, we have a floor heating system that creates a 33° – 35°warm air cushion 8 – 12 inches high over the heater floor area.
The system comprises of heated water being channeled through a piped grid network on or embedded in the floor of the brooding room.

Drying Fruits & Vegetables

The Flexi biogas dryer is powered by biogas and the peelings and cuttings from the fruits and vegetable is what powers the biogas plant.
What comes out from the biogas system is rich organic fertiliser that goes back to the farm.
Here’s how it works.

Why Flexi biogas


Same day instalation

Our systems are prefabricated and installation is in a few hours

Quick Startup

You can start using gas within 3-5 days after installation. Full production is realized within 7-14 days.

Uses any bio-degradable materials

Flexi systems run on any bio-degradable matter. High calorific feedstock produces more gas.

unmatched efficiency

FlexiTech employs “True Cross-flow” fermentation to ensure that feedstock is fully digested.

Easy to upgrade

Easily upgrade to a larger model when you outgrow your energy needs.

Dedicated customer support

Our customer support is always available to answer your questions and queries.

What we have been up-to

Success Stories with Flexi biogas technology

Success Stories with Flexi biogas technology

The efficiency of our biogas systems has enabled the company to sell well over 1,500 flexi biogas units in Kenya and over 300 units all over the world in countries like Nepal, Cambodia, India, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Rwanda.

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Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening design reduces water usage, eases fertiliser application, simplifies pest control and crop monitoring and a simplified overall management.

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We humans are the only creatures on Planet Earth that produce waste. In fact, we invented the word “waste”. Before us, absolutely everything was recycled. Now, because of our farming practices and food chain distribution, everything we touch has “waste”.

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Managing Municipal Waste  At Source

Managing Municipal Waste At Source

We humans are the only creatures on Planet Earth that produce #waste. In fact, we invented the word “waste”. Before us, absolutely everything was recycled. Now, because of our #farming practices and #food chain distribution, everything we touch has “waste”.

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Flexi Biogas goes portable in Kakuma Refugee Camp with AAHI

Flexi Biogas goes portable in Kakuma Refugee Camp with AAHI

what is available on mass in the immediate surroundings in Kakuma Refugee Camp is the prolific Prosopis Juliflora – locally known as “Mathenge”. Considered as a nasty invasive “weed”, we view Mathenge as a mega opportunity waiting to happen, an untapped natural resource that regenerates at such a prolific rate, which managed well, will meet all the energy demands of the camp, micro industries and beyond.

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Food is not the problem, Fuel to cook it is.

Food is not the problem, Fuel to cook it is.

In developing countries, as Lucky Dube (RIP) put it, Education is the Key. But education is useless if you cannot concentrate because you are hungry, or you are sick. HUNGER Food is not the problem. Fuel to cook it is. DISEASE Then there are those disgusting stinky...

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Kakuma Refugee Camp Installation

Kakuma Refugee Camp Installation

Flexi Biogas Commercial system T-rex goes to Kakuma Refugee camp in Northern Kenya. The system runs on #invasiveSpecies known as Prosopis juliflora popularly know as Mathenge as feedstock, producing biogas that is used by the refugees.

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What our clients say

Flexi biogas is not just about an amazing invention that produces tons of gas but some clever uses of the gas and the bio-fertiliser which nutrifies the plants and improves gardening.
Paula Kahumbu

CEO, Wildlife Direct

Thanks to the digester, women no longer have to collect firewood, but can use the biogas from the digester for cooking. Plus the waste product from the system is an excellent fertiliser..
Andrew Amadi

Business Developing Consultant, Biogas International Limited

This  is one of a kind biogas system; easy to install and extremely efficient. I love it!
Chris Nzuve

CEO/ Director, Bigartta Group

Our Partners

Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Pwani University
Ngare Ndare Forest Trust
Moi University
Kenya Biogas Program
Indian Institute of Technology
Egerton University

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