Our T-Rex T25 running primarily on Matenge (Prosopis Juliflora) will provide biogas not only for cooking, but also for running micro businesses.

Being a refugee camp situated in the remote North-western region of Kenya, the camp residents are living in small plots and with the modest life styles, arises a few social challenges such as dependency on food, waste management, water, income generation, effects of mass wood fuel harvesting on the environment to name a few.

To add to these, with the current closure of the camps and the refugee settlement program will not only exasperate these challenges, but also arises a new set of challenges with energy, agro business & food sufficiency, waste management and income generating activities being the core fundamental necessities. Here, Flexi biogas will play a major role in energy production, waste management, fertiliser production, with numerous extra benefits offering infinite possibilities to the residents of the scheme.

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