Input matter is not converted into gas, rather biogas is released during the fermentation or decomposition process. In all animals including us humans, after digestion in our stomachs, the freed micro elements are then absorbed in our intestine, and the waste or partially digested remains is passed as stool or dung. The “True Cross-flow” design of the Flexi system ensures the “waste” is retained until the fermentation process is completed and all the micro elements have been released. As the micro elements – now in dissolved form, are not removed from this process, the resultant BIO-SLURRY is a rich organic fertilizer with a high market value.


Fertile soil is the  most important component in the production of quality foods. In developing countries, fertilizer is one of the most expensive input in crop production.

To add to the list of advantages of the system, the overflowing bio-slurry from the system is a highly nutritious fertilizer, and ready for absorption by plants without ”burning the plants”.

Diluted 1:5 or 1:10, Bio-Slurry can be applied as a top dressing or sprayed as a folia feed. Sprayed on crops, it has also proven extremely effective to be an insect and pest repellent.

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