The BioSanGas systems are designed primarily as hygienic toilet that also captures all the gas potential in human waste. With a retention time on no less than 90 days, the overflowing bio-slurry is fully broken down, and lab tests showing no pathogens.

Human waste management has been a challenge especially for institutions due to the number of students in the institution and the high cost of building the proper infrastructure to facilitate the same.

Building of latrines has worsened the situation because they get filled up really quick, produce bad odour and contaminate ground water due to percolation of the fecal fluid to the underground water. This exposes the students to diseases like typhoid and cholera putting their health at great risk.

BioSansGas System for a school

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The BioSanGas plants manage this waste and produce gas that can be used for heating purposes, running machinery such as chuff-cutters, hummer mills and for power generation.

the system comes in different sizes depending on the number of people that will be feeding the plant.

The plant also ensures complete digestion of the waste and the exiting slurry is full of nutrients and safe to use as fertilizer for the lawns and play ground, tree planting programs like fruit trees, live fencing and hedgerows, etc. 

The BioSanGas system is best applicable for Institutions such as schools, churches, market places, children homes and prisons.

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