As we grow, we are continuously innovate and develop tools and solutions in line with poverty alleviation, human wildlife conflict, conservation, better agro practices, invasive species management among others.


Compressed biogas

Compressed Biogas Bottles

LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas
Butane and propane that make up LPG turn to liquid at very low pressure around 40 – 60 psi at average ambient temperature.
So with safety as the major priority, LPG cylinders are designed to hold a max pressure around 400psi.

The cylinders can be relatively lightweight allowing them to be easily portable.

LNG – Liquid Natural Gas
The combustable component of biogas is Methane, which is Natural Gas.
Methane does not like to liquify, and will only do so at -162degC. This process is a whole different level of technology, and only possible at industrial level.

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas
So the most simple low-tech method of getting large quantities of natural or biogas into a small space is to compress it at very high pressure. Biogas in these cylinders is at a max of 3,000 psi. CNG cylinders are similar to industrial gas cylinders, and are extremely heavy.

For example, a single cylinder pictured here will contain about the same amount of gas as a 12kg LPG cylinder, that is around 30m3. Where an empty LPG cylinder weights a manageable 20 – 25kg, the empty CNG cylinder weights 130kg. So portability at a domestic level is completely non viable.

Hence the trailer. We can move around 100m3 in a single trailer. The cylinders remain on the trailer, that is plugged into the point of use like a commercial kitchen, restaurants, school’s, or mini-grided apartments, flats and slums. Different Pay As You Go -PAYG metering systems for payment models.

When the gas is used up, a replacement trailer is brought in and the empty taken for refill.

So in short, mini-grid biogas networks can be setup in urban centers where there is no space for digesters, and the biogas can be supplied in trailer form.

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Biogas Tuk tuk

We are modifying three -wheeled wagons ( tuktuks ) to run on biogas as an alternative fuel to conventional fuel.


Biogas Generators

The biogas power generator generates power by utilizing biogas as an alternative fuel.

Biogas Milk Pasteurizer

We are currently innovating on a biogas milk pasteurizer to help their farmers preserve milk much more efficiently and affordably.
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