In order to to effectively utilize all the biogas produced, we have developed other products such as biogas dryers, biogas brooders, ovens, water heating/shower and more.


BETA Agro practices that can be introduced and run on Flexi Biogas may include;
➡ Water pumping for irrigation etc.
➡ Heating water for better hygiene in milking parlor
➡ Grain milling and grinding
➡ Animal feed chopping, eg running chaff cutters
➡ Food preservation & value addition by dehydration, pasteurizing, processing etc.
➡ Poultry chick & piglet brooding
➡ Electricity generation
➡ Direct sales of excess gas
➡ Sale of rich organic fertilizer


Chicken Brooding – Domestic

An elevated enclosed brooding box containing the day old chicks traps the rising heat from a biogas fueled digester. The chicken droppings collects at the bottom of the raised brooding cage and it’s taken back to power the digester.

Chicken Brooding – Commercial

As opposed to heating the air in the brooder room using charcoal stoves, we have a floor heating system that creates a 33° – 35°warm air cushion 8 – 12 inches high over the heater floor area.
The system comprises of heated water being channeled through a piped grid network on or embedded in the floor of the brooding room.

Drying Fruits & Vegetables

The Flexi biogas dryer is powered by biogas and the peelings and cuttings from the fruits and vegetable is what powers the biogas plant.
What comes out from the biogas system is rich organic fertiliser that goes back to the farm.

Water heating / Shower

This system utilizes biogas to heat water for various uses including showering, heating water for milking or for defeathering chicken. The system is connected to a biogas pump that turns on automatically to ensure a consistent gas flow.


Baking/ Grilling

#Biogas is not just a #cooking solution.
Extra gas can be used for value addition in utilities such as baking, grilling, roasting, BBQ sausages using #biogas.
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