In order to to effectively utilize all the biogas produced, we have developed other products such as biogas dryers, biogas brooders, ovens, water heating/shower and more.


BETA Agro practices that can be introduced and run on Flexi Biogas may include;
➡ Water pumping for irrigation etc.
➡ Heating water for better hygiene in milking parlor
➡ Grain milling and grinding
➡ Animal feed chopping, eg running chaff cutters
➡ Food preservation & value addition by dehydration, pasteurizing, processing etc.
➡ Poultry chick & piglet brooding
➡ Electricity generation
➡ Direct sales of excess gas
➡ Sale of rich organic fertilizer


Brooding using Biogas - Domestic Use

☑️An elevated enclosed brooder box containing the chicks traps the rising heat from a biogas fueled, or other pollutant free space heater beneath.
☑️The temperature is simply controlled by adjusting the flame size or temperature of the heater.
☑️Poop and spilled food that falls through the wire-mesh floor of the box is fed back into the digester.
☑️The system is a closed cycle with gas out one end for heating the chicks and high quality fertilizer out the other.




Fruit and Vegetable Drier

“Africa’s next billionaires are going to be #farmers, but not the ones selling tomatoes in the market, potatoes or the ones selling eggs or milk.
The next billionaire #farmers are going be the ones who are #valueadding to their #farmproduce and selling it at value added prices.
▶️We got to stop throwing away so much #food due to #postharvestlosses.
▶️ #Drying fruits and vegetables is one of the ways of value adding to farm produce.

Water heating / Shower

This system utilizes biogas to heat water for various uses including showering, heating water for milking or for defeathering chicken. The system is connected to a biogas pump that turns on automatically to ensure a consistent gas flow.

Brooding using biogas - Commercial USE

☑️ As opposed to heating the air in the brooder room using #charcoal stoves, this floor heating system creates a 33° – 35°warm air cushion 8 – 12 inches high over the heater floor area.
☑️ The system comprises of heated water being channeled through a piped grid network on or embedded in the floor of the brooder room.
Sections of the grid are activated according the numbers and ages of the chicks.
☑️As the birds grow, the heated area is easily expanded by turning on more of the grid.

☑️Since the system relies on radiant heat, only the relevant floor area is heated and energy is not waste heating the entire room.
☑️Because there is no “fire” in the brooding space, there are no pollutants. So the room can be insulated with provision for ventilation for fresh breathing air.
☑️This floor brooding system can also use other fuels such as recycled paper briquettes, agro waste briquettes, in combination with solar heated water etc.
☑️The floor heating method utilizes 75% less #energy than conventional air brooding systems a saving of 75%

☑️Meet Emily, a poultry farmer at Emasat Farm in Kericho doing chicken brooding of over 2,000 birds using the floor heating technique.

Biogas Grill

#Biogas is not just a #cooking solution.
Extra gas can be used for value addition in utilities such as baking, grilling, roasting, BBQ sausages using #biogas.
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