The dryer runs purely on #biogas. A burner is placed at the bottom that dissipates heat necessary for drying the farm produce.

The heat dehydrates the fruits & vegetables from its moisture thereby increasing its shelf life and eliminating:
➡Post-harvest losses
➡Increases fruits & vegetables shelf-life
➡Increased Value addition (dried fruits & vegetables fetch more income)
These simple dryers provides farmers with a means to preserving food during a bumper harvest and selling it in times of scarcity.
Fruits such as
🍊mangoes, 🍋pawpaw, 🍍pineapples, 🍌bananas, 🍅tomatoes
and Vegetables such as🌱kales,🌱spinach, 🍄mushroom & spices can be dried in this way.
Farmers can sell the produce at higher prices when they are scarce.
This prevents wastage of perishable goods on the farm.
The dried fruits make great snacks and have amazing benefits you should definitely know about.
As the water content is removed the fruits become energy bombs with concentrated nutrients, here are some more benefits;
🍓Boosts immunity
🍎Helps to combat cancer
🍋Helps with weight loss
🍌Fights constipation
🍊Keeps your tummy healthy
🍉Have Anti-aging and skin-friendly properties
🍇Fights anaemia and boosts Haemoglobin
🍑Helps to maintain a healthy heart.
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