Karibu (Welcome) to ERC Karen

Biogas International Limited or BIL, a limited liability company was founded in Kenya in the year 2011 and operates from Karen in Nairobi. We have designed our offices as an Eco Resource Centre – ERC, where we design simple appropriate technology tools to alleviate daily challenges on the typical rural farm.

We have spent more than 15 years in research and development, and our products have gone through rigorous development stages to guarantee sustainability. We focus on simplicity, affordability and ease of operation in solutions to daily challenges that will benefit the people and assist in poverty eradication. We design the tools to use locally available materials and where necessary, off the shelf components. All of our gadgets and tools can easily be assembled by the average local technician.
Tools and equipment are designed to make life a little bit a lot simpler for the rural farmer, offer sustainable and affordable total energy solutions, and all in Green mode. Many of our products are custom designed to suit the particular needs of a clients, and we are always designing new gadgets on suggestion of the users.
Our product portfolio includes but not limited to Flexi-Biogas digesters, Bio-sanitation waste management systems, Evapo-coolers, Chick incubators & brooders, Biogas/Solar Combo Fruit & vegetable dryer, Vertical gardens… the list goes on

Solar – powered Office Block
Hydroponics shelves
Demo house
Demo Farm



If you have a challenge or an idea to simplify a task or solve a problem, we are up for the challenge and will more than likely be able to design a gadget or find a solution. We are all ears to your suggestions and queries, and also appreciate constructive criticism. FOR MORE INFO, VISIT OUR ECO-RESOURCE CENTER AT, NGONG ROAD, MWITU CLOSE (NO 33), KAREN
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