This technology takes away the need for any form of construction. Our systems are prefabricated and installs in as few as three hours

With our system, you do not need to own a cow. The systems run on all biodegradable materials such as kitchen scraps, garden weeds, chicken poop, market waste and even Human waste. Users can buy / barter trade cow dung from you neighbors in exchange for bio-fertilizer.

Dung from a single cow will produce all the cooking fuel necessary for the typical 6 – 8 member homestead. This is made possible by the high level of efficiency associated with the technology where you only require 1/5th the feed-stock for the same daily gas production as conventional technologies.

Domestic “Flexi-Tech” Plants



No Construction

Flexi Biogas systems are prefabricated and install in a few hours.


Rich Organic Fertilizer

The overflowing bio-slurry from the system is a highly nutritious fertilizer ready for absorption by plants without ”burning the plants”. It can also be applied as top dressing or sprayed on plants as an effective pest repellent.


Anything Goes

Flexi systems run on any bio-degradable matter. High calorific feedstock produces  larger volumes of gas.


Efficiency Unmatched

FlexiTech employs “True Cross-flow” fermentation, which means that what goes in one end is fully processed before exiting the other. This also means that 100% of the biogas is captured making FlexiTech the GREENEST biogas plant design yet.


Quick Startup

After installation, the system will have usable volumes of gas within 3 – 5 days, and is normally in full production within 7 – 14 days.




Standard Model

8 – 10 m3 Ksh. 70,000

Ugx. 2,525,000

X- Large Model

18 m3 Ksh. 85,000

Ugx. 3,050,000

Pricing inclusive of: Digester Kit , upto 20m of Piping + Fittings, Twin burner stove, Delivery and installation anywhere within 400 km from Nairobi,Kenya.


Biogas Pilot Project

Gesi ya Samadi “Biogas” yaokoa mazingira marsabit

Flexi Biogas Systems in Nepal

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