The T-Rex digesters are highly efficient large capacity systems with high gas production designed for Farms, Children’s homes, Universities & institutions, Schools, Hotels and anywhere with a high-energy demand.

The systems are also designed as waste management devices for market places, municipal waste management etc.

T-Rex systems are modular making the plant easily scalable to meet the client requirements. The system is of longitudinal “True Cross Flow” methodology, or you could say a continuous batch-flow.

This meaning anything fed in the inlet end will be forced to flow the full length of the system (minimum retention period of 25-40 days) whereby getting fully digested, and having given off all the biogas potential by the time it overflows the exit as a rich organic fertilizer and pest repellent.

The T-Rex biogas plants runs on any bio-degradable material as feedstock and therefore does not limit the user to use of only cow dung.

All our plants are designed with the operator in mind – simple to understand and operate. Feed one end, a turn or two of the agitation wheel, and the system does the rest. Gas is piped directly to the point of use, and “Ready To Use” bio-fertiliser automatically overflows from the opposite end into a collection tank.

 The graph depicts the amount of gas different feedstock produce. 


The model number suggests the capacity of the system.
e.g. T25 = 25m3 Likewise, the T75 = 75m3 etc.

All systems are multi stage, made up of 3-meter sections each with a capacity of 5m3

Volume and dimension specs

The base of the T-Rex T series is 2.5 meters wide.
Depending on capacity, the T-Rex “T” series modelling goes as follows


Series Sections Length meters Capacity – m3
T-15 3 9 15
T-25 5 15 25
T-50 7 21 50

T-Rex systems can also be installed on rooftops or raised on or platforms for users with  limited land space.


The systems are prefabricated, meaning there is no construction works needed on site.The component are transported to site, and like Lego, the system is assembled and primed within 2 or 3 days per module. Piping to the points of use normally takes 2 – 3 days depending on distances and complexity.
  • There is no restriction to the distances between the digester and the point of use, although for management purposes we recommend the shortest possible distances.
  • As the T-Rex digesters do not produce any gas pressure, the gas is pumped to the various point of use.
  • The “Auto Pressure Switch” provides a constant pressure in the plumbing, and as soon as there is a pressure drop in the system meaning somewhere a user has turned on the gas, the pump is powered up.
  • The pump or pumps can be run on a 50W Solar PV system or on mains power.
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