Rather than a mere cooking solution, Flexi Biogas has been developed more as an off-grid energy solution rural domestic thermal energy solution & tool for the millions of rural homesteads challenged with a basic commodity and human right, cooking fuel. Combined with Solar Voltaic, one has a Total Off Grid Energy Solution, and an instant road out of poverty.


Flexi Biogas Technology is designed to do far more than just cooking, with unmatched efficiency, will surplus gas can be used anywhere everywhere conventional fuels are used.

I’m sure you will agree that the lack on energy is the driver of poverty. So the more energy you have, the more work you can do, and the more income you will generate.

Women & Children

In most all developing countries, women and children perform a large majority of the work. In Africa as an example, from the age of 5 throughout their lifetime, women spend an average of 3-4 hours in search of firewood. This translates to 1/3rd of the daylight hours, 1/3rd doing domestic chores, and 1/3rd in agricultural activities. So you could say, firewood collection consumes half of the time available for a woman to be productive in income generating activities. Put another way, women spend half their lives collecting firewood.

By introducing  flexi biogas domestic  systems, you eliminate the task of firewood collection and women gain 3 – 4 more hours a day for other activities. Combine this with excess biogas energy, excess fertilizer, some education and training in how to generate incomes from improved agro-practices and value addition to farm product, mechanisation of agro tools etc, and you have elevated her and her family out of poverty forever.I do believe this is our common goal.

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An easy method of understanding the flexi system, one can view it as a “stomach” much the same as our own stomachs. The Flexi Biogas design and operation allows the use of any biodegradable organic matter. Anything biodegradable goes, with the anaerobic microorganisms within the “stomach” doing the rest. The feedstock is “digested” or fermented and broken down into micro elements. Gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide given off during this fermentation process are termed as Biogas.

So apart from only animal dung, the system will run on any biodegradable matter including kitchen waste & plate leftovers, market place waste, garden weeds, water hyacinth, grass etc. As a standard rule of thumb, With Flexi Biogas Technology YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A COW.



Plant matter and kitchen waste should be supple, fleshy or leafy. Avoid dry, fibrous matter and bones. Finely chop the matter or ‘mash’ using a large traditional pestle and mortar. The chopped, ground or crushed matter can be mixed with dung if available or simply washing down the inlet funnel with an equal volume of water.



20 kg’s or a single 20 litres bucket of dung will produce sufficient gas for domestic cooking for the average 4-6 member family. A well-kept healthy cow produces 20 – 30 kg’s of dung daily, so a single cow will produce enough gas for the average domestic household. Such small volumes of dung can be bought from neighbouring farmers, barter trading with farm produce or the rich bio-fertilizer produced by the digester.


Different inputs will produce varying volumes of gas and the user soon gets  attuned  with what’s available and works best for them. The higher the “food value” or calorific value of the feedstock, the higher the gas production. Dungs and grasses are at the lower end, and animal fats and oil crops producing the highest.





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In today’s day and age, the demand for energy is ever increasing, even at a domestic level. Flexi Biogas systems are 100% prefabricated making them portable and therefore also resalable. Dependaning on his / her budget, a farmer can invest in a smaller model, then as and when their energy demand increases, they can sell it on and upscale to a larger model.

At Biogas International, we produce a wide range of different capacity models, from Small domestic systems primarily for cooking, to Medium-Large domestic systems for cooking with extra energy for other domestic activities, and XL Domestic systems for small farms, and will run small scale machinery and generators for a limited number of hours per day.

On a commercial scale, we have our “Cub” or baby commercial model, Mid Commercial and Large Commercial models.

All our systems are 100% prefabricated requiring no construction or brick work on site. Domestic models install in as few as 2 hours, and a few days for the larger commercial models.

Being modular, the systems can meet any energy demand provided feed-stock is available. This also means a new business investor can reduce his initial capital investment by installing only the capacity he requires at the start-up time, and increase his energy capacity as the business grows.

Flexi Biogas technology is extremely versatile and we expect it will open numerous  opportunities to many users different fields. We are looking at all possible ways of bringing the purchase price while maintaining  business viability. Biogas International Ltd -BIL, is a social enterprise with low profits to stay in business. With scales of economy, large volume roll-outs will better determine bring prices down and making our Flexi technology even more affordable to more people.

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