In developing countries, as Lucky Dube (RIP) put it, Education is the Key. But education is useless if you cannot concentrate because you are hungry, or you are sick.

Food is not the problem. Fuel to cook it is.

Then there are those disgusting stinky pathogen full pit latrines constantly making the hungry and weak kids sick.

BIOSANGAS – Bio-sanitation and biogas
So at Biogas International we have developed a prefabricated toilet block made primarily of UV treated easy to wash-down plastic cubicles mounted atop a wooden frame.

The toilets drain into a multi chamber digester ensuring complete fermentation. The digester will provide 20 – 30% of the biogas needed for cooking their meals. The 70 – 80% deficit is generated in our T-Rex digesters that run of animal and kitchen waste, and quite literally anything biodegradable.

Bio-slurry from the BioSanGas systems irrigate fruit trees through underground trench drains, with the slurry from the T-Rex systems is used for food production in their permaculture gardens.

It’s that simple.

If you’re assisting a school or a children’s home, this is what they need.

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