Meanwhile … on the slopes on Mt Kenya, we have installed an Off-grid solar power network integration with a biogas gen-set, a first all green Hybrid system in Kenya, and possibly Africa. Solar – Biogas hybrid.

We converted this V2 8kva Petrol gen-set to run on 100% biogas. Here Complimenting Solar Power power mini-grid to handle heavy evening loads.

In this project, we are supplying power as the system boots, then we’ll supply both power and cooking gas.
ℹWhen the T-rex T25 is fed appropriately with any biodegradable feed-stock, this single modular system will produce biogas in the region of 15 – 20,000 liters of gas per day. This will run the genset for 3 – 4 hours a day.

ℹThe idea is, Batteries are the most expensive component of a solar system. To make matters worse, batteries need to be replaced every 5 – 6 years. This make solar power expensive.

ℹThis minigrid is connected to 120 homes.
ℹThe main power demand is from 6:00pm to around 10:00pm so this is where the gen-set comes to take the bulk load.

ℹAfter the heavy load drops as people go to sleep and switch off lights, TV, etc, the system switches back to batteries and the gen-set shuts down.

ℹDuring the day the solar runs any appliances directly and recharges the batteries.

ℹThis means a far smaller battery bank so lower cost of power to the consumer.

ℹThe bio-fertiliser from the T-rex T25 is sold to generate another income stream.

watch the full video on:

all hybrid solar-biogas system

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