I have a thought.

A few days ago the deputy president William Ruto banned “illegal” logging and charcoal making for 90 days. Then what? And in the meantime, what? People need to cook. Upward of 80% of Kenyans rely on wood fuel for cooking and heating bathing water. LPG is not an option, and neither is kerosene. Charcoal is the leading most damaging vice to our forests. But charcoal is the preferred cooking fuel in low income areas around the cities and large towns.

Speaking from a rural perspective, firewood used to mean “dead wood” and did not lead to the felling of live trees. But today the dead wood is finished, and all manner of trees are being felled for fire wood, including fruit trees. Where it comes to schools, especially boarding schools, every year each institution burns the forested area equivalent to a football field. Universities burn far far more.

The truth is, the government cannot realistically ban firewood or charcoal without providing alternative fuel.

So this is where we, the biogas people come in.

At Biogas International Ltd – BIL, we have developed a wide range of large capacity digester models that can easily fill these gaps. Where there are people, there is always organic waste. Our large capacitu systems – branded T-Rex, run on anything organic. So as a waste management also, that’s 2 birds in net.

Furthermore, our BioSanGas system – Human waste management system is specifically designed to provide hygienic toilets as well as gas and a rich organic fertiliser of course.
Accompanied with the T-Rex, the dual plant will ellininate the use of wood-fuel.

For institutions that adopt our technologies we also educate and train in Permaculture agro practices and conservation, as well as introduce tree planting programs.

Including benefits such as 0 emission, 0 indoor air polution, tons of fertiliser, preservation of carbon sink, healthy food production, etc etc, that’s easily + 10 birds in net.

Today is #worldEnvironmentDay2019.➡Did you know that 90% of people worldwide are breathing #polluted air? #BeatAirpollution #connect2earth #WorldEnvironmentDay #planttrees #trees #environment @ Homa Bay

Posted by Flexi Biogas on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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