Flexi Biogas Technology Installations on the Map

we have spent over 15 years researching and considered all the aspects associated with conventional systems and constructed biogas technologies, and successfully innovated a far more efficient system branded Flexi Biogas Technology.

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Managing Municipal Waste At Source

We humans are the only creatures on Planet Earth that produce #waste. In fact, we invented the word “waste”. Before us, absolutely everything was recycled. Now, because of our #farming practices and #food chain distribution, everything we touch has “waste”.

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Flexi Biogas goes portable in Kakuma Refugee Camp with AAHI

what is available on mass in the immediate surroundings in Kakuma Refugee Camp is the prolific Prosopis Juliflora – locally known as “Mathenge”. Considered as a nasty invasive “weed”, we view Mathenge as a mega opportunity waiting to happen, an untapped natural resource that regenerates at such a prolific rate, which managed well, will meet all the energy demands of the camp, micro industries and beyond.

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