65 millions years later, the 🦖T-rex is still Dazzling !!
🦖 We have just installed a Large Capacity Biogas unit [The T-rex 50m3] with the potential to produce between 40,000 – 50,000 litres of #biogas daily at Hotel jet inn in Emali.
🦖 Food waste, Kitchen vegetable waste, and animal dung is what will power the biogas system and the gas used to prepare meals for the hotel guests and heat water for the showers.
☘️ In addition we’ve also set-up our  Climate SmartRegenerative Agriculture#CopyCat Farming model by doing a 100 Vertical Gardens in a small area, which will supply organically grown food and veggies 🥕🍅🥒 to the hotel.
☘️ The rich organic fertilizer from the T-rex will supply nutrients for the farm.
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