Farming is no longer just a job; it has become a lifestyle. Now climate smart farming offers new innovations and improvements upon traditional methods. Climate Smart Farming is leading the way towards a more sustainable food production. This revolutionary method offers a reliable way for farmers to respond to extreme weather and climate-driven changes in the future.
We are setting up demo-farms in our various projects, where we are practicing Climate Smart – REgenerative Agriculture using drip irrigation systems on cone gardens, and getting very high crop yields on a very small space.
Climate-smart agriculture is a farming model that transforms agriculture towards #green and climate resilient practices.
Climate Smart Agriculture tackles three main objectives:
1. Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes.
2. Reducing or eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, where possible.
3. Adapting and building resilience to climate change – in terms of reducing vulnerability to drought, pests, diseases and other
climate-related risks and shocks.

How it Works

The liquid fertiliser from the flexi biogas system comes out in liquid form and is highly nutritious and ready for absorption by plants without ”burning the plants”.
The fertiliser is then pumped using a solar water pump to an overhead tank, water is also pumped to a separate tank beside it and the mixture flows by gravity to the drip irrigation system on the vertical gardens.
This makes watering and general management of the gardens super easy and efficient.

Bio-fertiliser has many positive effects in addition to being a great source of nutrients.

Read more about it’s benefits and applications here ;

Projects where we have set up our CopyCat farming model;

Installing the Vertical Gardens & the Drip Irrigation System

1 month after installation and planting 
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