Earlier this year, we installed 8 domestic biogas systems to households in Dol Dol, Laikipia County. This initiative showcases the power of nature-based solutions in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable living.

A Green Revolution: Biogas Systems

We installed 8 Flexi Biogas systems, designed to convert the invasive opuntia cactus into clean energy and nutrient-rich fertilizer. This initiative is not just about providing an alternative energy source; it’s about addressing the environmental challenge posed by the invasive cactus species. By transforming this invasive plant into a valuable resource, the beneficiaries are now enjoying smoke-free cooking and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Streaming the process: cactus choppers

To make the biogas production process even more efficient, we delivered 8 cactus choppers to the households. These choppers simplify the task of processing the invasive cactus, ensuring a steady supply of feedstock for the biogas systems. This innovation not only saves time and effort but also empowers the households to maintain their biogas units with ease.

Enhancing Sustainability: Unique Beehives

In addition to the biogas systems, we introduced 10 unique beehives—a hybrid of the Kenyan Top Bar and Langstroth designs. These beehives combine the best features of both designs, enhancing honey production and providing additional income for the households. Moreover, the presence of bees helps in pollinating plants and protecting farms from wild animals, thus creating a harmonious balance between agriculture and nature.

Growing Organic: Vertical Gardens

We also set up 16 vertical gardens (2 per household), enabling families to grow their own organic produce. These vertical gardens are a step towards food security and sustainable farming. By integrating these gardens with the biogas systems, the project promotes a circular economy where waste is minimized, and resources are utilized efficiently.

The Bigger Picture: Synergy Between Humanity and Nature

This project beautifully demonstrates the synergy between humanity and nature. It highlights how nature-based solutions can address environmental challenges while promoting sustainable living. The integration of biogas systems, cactus choppers, unique beehives, and vertical gardens creates a self-sustaining ecosystem that supports food security, economic growth, and environmental conservation.

Our Partners: Driving the Green Revolution

This remarkable transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our partners—the Dry Grow Foundation, the University of Florida, and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Their commitment and collaboration have been instrumental in driving this green revolution in Dol Dol.

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