🌟✨ Lighting Up Lives: A Christmas Gift of Clean Energy! 🌍🎁

In the true spirit of the season, we’re thrilled to share the joy of a brighter Christmas through our impactful collaboration with Aga Khan Foundation! Together, we’ve successfully brought clean energy to over 35 households in Kirinyaga and Kwale Counties. 🎄🏡

Through innovative Flexi Biogas system installations, 15 families in Kirinyaga and 20 families in Kwale now experience the magic of sustainable, clean energy just in time for the holidays. 🌿⚡ This initiative not only provides free energy but also contributes to a sustainable source of organic fertilizer, enriching local agriculture.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Aga Khan Foundation for their invaluable partnership. Together, we’re making a positive impact, fostering sustainability, and contributing to a greener, healthier future. 🌱🌟

Explore pictures showcasing the essence of the technology and the positive impact it has brought to the beneficiaries! 🎉🌿

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