In a groundbreaking initiative, Biogas International Limited partnered with The County Government of Nairobi to implement a biogas project that has already begun to change lives. We installed 5 domestic Flexi Biogas units. One shining example is Mary Wainaina, a dedicated dairy farmer from Dagoreti South Constituency. Her story is a testament to the positive impact that sustainable technology can have on both livelihoods and the environment.

Mary’s Remarkable Journey:

Meet Mary, a dairy farmer with 16 cows. Formerly spending Ksh 2,600 on LPG gas and firewood, her household’s energy needs are now powered by biogas, derived from cow waste. This innovative solution has eliminated the reliance on expensive fuel for cooking and heating.

Environmental and Financial Benefits:

The biogas system extends beyond cooking and heating; it produces liquid biofertilizer. This eco-friendly alternative has replaced the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides on Mary’s fruit and vegetable farm, reducing costs while creating a safer and healthier farming environment.

Future Possibilities:

Mary’s daughter, Margaret, envisions exciting possibilities. She sees the potential to use the biogas system to power their chaff cutter machine, presenting an opportunity to further reduce production expenses and embrace sustainable farming practices.

The Transformative Power of Sustainable Farming:

Mary’s story, along with those of other farmers, stands as a testament to the transformative power of sustainable farming practices. In a city with limited space, the flexibility of our biogas system allows installation even in tight spaces, making sustainability accessible to all.

Join the Green Journey:

Explore the benefits of modern bio-digester technology with Flexi Biogas and join us on this green journey! Learn more about our domestic biogas projects and technology at


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