The T-rex 50m³ at Ngong Market is up and running, managing over 1000kgs of market waste daily to produce about 50,000 liters of #biogas daily + rich #organicfertiliser.
Possible uses of the biogas include;
1. Cooking
2. Water heating
3. Running the generator
– water pumping
– Running machinery
4. Fruit & vegetable drying
Some of the benefits and uses of Bio-fertiliser include;
1. Organic fertiliser – very nutritious for soil and plants.
2. Used as livestock feed supplement.
Other uses
~Top dressing
~Folia feed
~Insect and pest repellent
~Mushroom cultivation
~Compost enrichment
~Vermiculture – earthworm liquid feed
The program is set to manage all the waste generated from the market with the aim of 0 waste going to landfill.
Commercial Waste To Energy systems
Biogas International Ltd
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