▶️Grey water is basically soapy water and does not contain a lot of pathogens. Only when allowed to sit in tanks is when it rots and becomes smelly and nasty to deal with. 

▶️This is where EM comes in. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effective_microorganism  

▶️EM is used globally for numerous medicinal, agricultural and environmental applications.

▶️In the case of grey and black water management, we will use EM to break down solids, soaps, destroy any undesirable bacteria & pathogens, prevent / remove any foul odours, and enhance the quality of the water which will then be used for irrigation.

Waste water management ▶️The system is designing as a “Stand-Alone” and is attached to existing waste water piping system.

▶️Grey water requires a far shorter fermentation treatment time than black water, so it is recommended to separate the grey water from the black water and treat each separately.

➡️ Grey water 3 – 4 day’s fermentation time

➡️Black water 30 – 40 day’s fermentation time

▶️The in-line tanks are positioned in a manner to allow water to flow by gravity.

▶️Depending on the amount of water daily being discharged, the appropriate volume of EM2 is added at a ratio of 1:500 or 1 part EM to 500 parts waste water.

▶️Treated water is then used for irrigation.

▶️The system can be scaled to virtually any capacity by increasing the numbers and capacity of the tanks.


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